Kill Remote Desktop Session from Target in

I was asked to write code that upon request will kill remote desktop connections from the target machine upon request. Here is what I came up with. If it helps please do let me know.
Dim lstrFileName As String = IO.Path.Combine(System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "temp.txt")
        Process.Start("QUERY USER /SERVER:localhost > " & lstrFileName)
        '**************Sample out put of above command written to lstrFileName*********************
        'achappar              rdp-tcp#11          1  Active          .  25.04.2008 23:55
        Dim lobjStreamReader As New IO.StreamReader(lstrFileName)
        'Skip the header line 
        While Not lobjStreamReader.EndOfStream
            'Terminate all the sessions. 
            Dim lstrSessionId As String = lobjStreamReader.ReadLine.Trim.Replace("  ", " ")
            'Replace multiple spaces with single space
            Dim lstrTemp As String = lstrSessionId.Trim.Replace("  ", " ")
            While lstrTemp.Length <> lstrSessionId.Length
                lstrSessionId = lstrTemp
                lstrTemp = lstrSessionId.Trim.Replace("  ", " ")
            End While
            'get the session id at the third field ( index 2)
            'if needed you can terminate a particular user session by comparing his name availabe at index 1 below
            lstrSessionId = lstrTemp.Split(" "c)(2)
            'Now close the session
            'This will close the user session. You can also use LOGOFF SESSION instead if you want to logoff the user
            Process.Start("RESET SESSION " & lstrSessionId & " /SERVER:localhost")
        End While

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