XML File as Data Source and Bind To DataSet in vb.net

What we would want to do is define a data layer class, keep an instance of the DataSet, and provide methods and properties to access the DataSet. I haven’t been able to use these concept at GE Healthcare yet but will be soon hopefully. Hope this helps somebody.

Sample usage would be:

Private m_dataLayer As New DataLayer(Application.StartupPath & "\Data.xml")

Me.DataGridView1.DataSource = m_dataLayer.Tables("Employee")

Imports System.Data
Public Class DataLayer
   Private m_data As DataSet
   Private m_fileName As String
   Public Sub New(ByVal fileName As String)
      m_data = new DataSet()
      m_fileName = fileName
   End Sub
   Public ReadOnly Property Table(ByVal tableName As String)
       Return m_data.Tables(tableName)
     End Get
   End Property
   Public Sub Write()
   End Sub
End Class
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