Windows Mobile 6 ,Windows Mobile 6 SDK, and Outlook

I am going to take a break today from my normal code workings to write about a topic that has got me a little steamed.

I just bought a Q Moto this past weekend. After a few days of just learning it I decided it was time to sync my email, contacts and calendar with my Outlook on my laptop. So far, I have been extremely happy with this product and even downloaded the Mobil 6 SDK to develop applications against it in Visual Studio 2008. First though my experience with Outlook on Windows Mobil 6.

I am assuming since it is an internet enabled device that there would be a way to make Outlook go out to my gmail account and get my mail. Then when I plug it in to the USB port at home, it would sync the emails in my phone with my Inbox.

I assumed incorrectly.

Oh it will let you create an email message on the mobile version of outlook, but you cant send it till you plugged in to your laptop again. You can create an additional email account that will download your messages but they won’t go into Outlook when you sync up to your laptop again. I could choose to leave the messages on the server but then when I go to the web interface on a normal machine everything is there.

This just plain stinks. I bought this thing to stay on top of my email and not have to worry about emails that are not in the right place. MS needs to find a way to have it go up on the server my laptop Outlook is configured with and get the emails just like it does on my laptop. And then sync it back to my laptop when I plug it in.

This is just silly.

Okay now on the SDK……….

As I am typing this of course it works fine. But yesterday it kept bombing Visual Studio 2008 (yes folks before you ask I had rebooted several times yesterday) and wanting to send error reports. But as of now it appears to be working ok. I am looking forward to writing for this device and see what I can do.

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