Connection To Database Fails in Emulator but not in Visual Studio 2008

Well I have got a problem here. As I said yesterday I had begun to design applications in the compact .NET Framework 3.5 for a smart device. I have the Mobile 6 SDK installed. I created a data connection to a table called Employees in the GUI. When I preview the data in the GUI it works fine as shown below:

But when I go to debug the code and ask it just simply open and close the connection and here is what happens. It asks me what I want to deploy in and I request the Windows Mobile 6 Standard Landscape QVGA Emulator as I am using a Q Moto widescreen. Here is the error I have gotten. I have no idea what is causing this and have asked several friends to no avail. If anyone has any ideas I could be most grateful! The help when asked to assist in this situation is not at all helpful.


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After further investigation it appears I had to launch the Device Emulator Manager under Tools, highlight the emulator I was using and select "Connect" (make sure it is not cradled). Then while working do not close the emulator. And now it connects fine. Thanks to those who tried to help.

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