DataBind Listview to Text File in

I know it is a strange request. My argument was wouldn’t it be easier to just read the thing myself? Well that wasn’t what was asked and I suppose they had had their reasons. The text view looked like this:


Using the above data, after the GUI window opens, the contents of the listview will be taken from the 4th caret-delimited piece, and the contents of the listview will be:

So here is what I came up with:

Dim source As New List(Of SourceItem)
For Each line As String In File.ReadAllLines(filename)
   If line.Length > 0 Then
      source.Add(New SourceItem(line.Split("^"C)(3)))
   End If
Public Class SourceItem
   Private string _data
   Public ReadOnly Property Data
         Return _data
      End Get
   End Property
   Public Sub New(data As String)
      _data = data
   End Sub
End Class
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