Random Zune Reboots

Just today all of a sudden my zune is randomly rebooting. Without warning or comment just does it. I thought perhaps my headset was causing a static overload that caused the zune to immediately reboot without causing damage to the device. So I tried out a set of headphones that had rarely been used but the same reboots continued to occur. I tried just playing the device without any headphones and no reboots occurred. Hmmmmmm what is going on here I wonder?

Well I had bought an extended warranty on this device last year and apparently they are sending me a postage paid envelope to send my zune back. I will be very curious as to how this turns out. But to be truthful this day is dragging so bad without my zune. I am really going to miss it till the replacement gets here. Hopefully when the new zune gets here I will have had my music sufficiently organized and ready to start over.

If you all have had experience with these types of issues with the Zune please let me know. Perhaps there is something I am missing.

  1. #1 by John on July 23, 2008 - 3:55 pm

    My Zune 30 has been doing this from day one.  I even sent mine back because they said the lock switch mechanism was the problem.  To date it still occurs.  However I have heard iPOD users making the same claim.

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