Zune Reboot Troubles – What I Have Discovered

This is in reference to yesterday’s post concerning my Zune reboot issues (http://kellychronicles.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A0D71E1614E8DBF8!324.entry ). It seems the only time it reboots without warning is if the Zune is running solely on the battery with the headphones connected. If I run it while connected to my PC or to my car player (has a cigarette lighter that powers it) this problem does not occur even if the headphones are attached. If I run it without the battery with no headphones (for testing purposes) it occasionally reboots without warning. MY biggest concern is I want this thing to work when I start my workout routine as if I don’t have music I know I will be bored.

I am suppose to be sending it in to the service center and they will send me a replacement. I shudder how thatprocess is going to go.

Anyway if anyone has any input on this I would be interested. John Kavanagh (http://jkavanagh58.spaces.live.com/default.aspx) was kind enough to correspond with me and let me know this appears to have been an issue that has affected Zune issues, but ipod users as well for some time. I guess I was just lucky enough to avoid this problem for the year since I bought it.

  1. #1 by John on July 24, 2008 - 8:57 am

    I use my Zune 30 while working out and it is infrequent but it does reboot…. just an excuse to take a longer break between sets 🙂

  2. #2 by Frank on July 24, 2008 - 9:59 am

    BTW, is this a Zune 30 or 80?  I have an 80 (love it, wish there was more accessories to buy but I manage) and am keeping an eye on this thread in case mine starts acting up 🙂
    Oh, I recently bought a Microsoft Zune Home AV Kit, comes with another Zune-PC cable, a docking station/charger (keep your headphones plugged in even when you remove the Zune) with a remote that controls the Zune, has the A/V cables, etc.).  Keep seeing it at places like BestBuy for 50+ bucks, bought it on buy.com for 19.99.  They don\’t sell it anymore there but keep your eyes open, it\’s awesome.  I leave the docking station plugged in at work, come in in the morning, insert my Zune, put on my headphones, and use the remote to control it.  No plugging in my phones, etc. 
    I have another little toy I bought years ago, a Logitech Telephone & PC Headset system (model#5511).  It plugs into my work phone and my pc soundcard output and mic input, and I plug my Zune docking station into the soundcard input.  That way I wear my headphone/mic, I can hear the Zune music, the PC sounds, and if the phone rings, I put the phone on a cradle on the Logitech and it pipes the phone to my headphones and mutes the Zune/PC.  When I hang up the Zune/PC sounds are back.  Cost me like 14 bucks, great investment.
    Just FYI, lol, I\’m bored today, no one is at work, its Utah Pioneer day, all of the "locals" took the day off.
    Anyway, LOVE the Zune, been playing around with the XNA 3 stuff that lets you write games for the Zune (Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=DF80D533-BA87-40B4-ABE2-1EF12EA506B7&displaylang=en, http://creators.xna.com/).
    Playing around with something for the Zune, but its not a game…
    LOL maybe I should just put these kinds of things on my own page.

  3. #3 by Kelly on July 24, 2008 - 10:05 am

    nah just keep contributing here…. .:)
    I have the 30. But thanks for ideas on the accessories. I have been looking to find stuff like this. I am just wondering if all I need to do is replace my battery, if somehow it was damaged or something by the car charger/player. Just dont know.
    What the heck is Utah Pioneer Day? 🙂

  4. #4 by Frank on July 24, 2008 - 11:58 am

    LOL its basically the day when the Mormon Pioneers finished their long, arduous trek across the Rockies, came out the other side overlooking the valley where Salt Lake City is now, and said "Er, um, God said this is where we should stay".
    My personal opinion is they came out from going over the big old mountains, looked west, saw the HUGE Salt desert in front of them and thought "No f-ing way I\’m going that way, I\’m done walking.  I think I\’ll stay here between these forests and that big lake", lol.

  5. #5 by George on August 26, 2008 - 6:49 pm

    Wow…I\’ve not had hat happen, but I do have a neice who has something like that happen from time to time. It usually happens when she is playing certain mp3 files.  I\’m not sure how she rips her cd\’s, but I\’ve told her to replace those tracks with the same songs from Zune Marketplace.  Don\’t know what\’s she done.

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