Render any object to HTML for Email with

Good morning. Well as you all know, Obama is now President Elect Obama. The amount of work ahead of him is staggering. Though i am not a Democrat, I want him to succeed. It is going to be an interesting next 4 years.

Today, we need to render any object (in this case a table) to HTML for the purpose of email. I needed to email a table. Not a lot of code or difficult but it worked for me. This was in an ASP.NET application. In my case I used

myMailMessage.Body = GetHTMLFromControl(myTable)

Make it a great day!

Public Function GetHTMLFromControl(ByRef TheControl As Object) As String
        Dim tw As IO.StringWriter = New IO.StringWriter
        Dim hw As Html32TextWriter = New Html32TextWriter(tw)
        Dim html As String = tw.ToString
        hw = Nothing
        tw = Nothing
        Return html
    End Function


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