Automatic Keyword Creation: Grammar Rules – Need Your Help

Okay as the second part posting what I have come up with as grammar rules. What these basically are is guides to determine when a word should be called a noun, verb etc and if the dictionary did not return the proper identity of the word being considered. For example when saying:

I am using Excel to do this.

The dictionary will return Excel as a verb. But because we know from our rules that any verb returned as a capital word is a proper noun and should be recorded that way.

So here are the rules I have so far. Please leave more in the comments. It will be a BIG help to me as I am not an English major. Thank You!

Entire Blog Guidelines – when reading the whole thing into a string

Always drop the "’s" if it is the last letters of the word.(e.g.  in "Vic Mackey’s job" we would drop the ‘s off of Mackey)

Always drop any word with a "_" in it, or any kind of special character

Grammar Rules

if a verb type is returned, but it is captialized, it is a proper noun. (e.g. Excel)

if a preposition type is returned, the following word should be a adjective, noun or article. (e.g. "of Excel’s ability to function)

If unknown type is returned and it is capitalized it is a proper noun. (e.g. Vic)

if unknown type is returned and it is capitalized group all consecutive capital words as a proper noun.    


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