Use Microsoft Word Thesaurus to find the part of speech of a word with

Good Morning! The plug in I am working on for Live Writer that will automatically generate Windows Live and Technorati tags (others too if asked for) based on your blog post is coming along. I have sped up the process of creating the tags which was a huge jump for this. I took 4 seconds to generate the tags for this post for example. At the bottom of this post you will see the tags. Though you can’t see them all (which I like – the search engines will see see them regardless) I pasted them as a whole so you can review them. You will need MS Word 2000 or above installed on your machine and 3.5 of the Framework installed. One thing I need is someone who has experience writing add-ons for Live Writer to contact me or if you know someone to let me know who they are.

Anyway today’s code sample is based on this project. We want to find the part of speech of given word (noun, verb etc) using the Microsoft Word thesaurus. Make it a great day!

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Public Word As New Word.Application

Public wdAdjective As Integer = 0
    Public wdAdverb As Integer = 2
    Public wdConjunction As Integer = 5
    Public wdIdiom As Integer = 8
    Public wdInterjection As Integer = 7
    Public wdNoun As Integer = 1
    Public wdOther As Integer = 9
    Public wdPreposition As Integer = 6
    Public wdPronoun As Integer = 4
    Public wdVerb As Integer = 3

Sub GetPartOfSpeech(ByVal MyWord as String)

Dim mySynInfo = Word.Application.SynonymInfo(MyWord)
            Dim myPos = mySynInfo.PartOfSpeechList
            Dim pos As String = ""

If mySynInfo.MeaningCount <> 0 Then
               For i = 1 To UBound(myPos)
                   Select Case myPos(i)
                       Case 0
                           pos = "Adjective"
                       Case 1
                           pos = "Noun"
                       Case 2
                           pos = "Adverb"
                       Case 3
                           pos = "Verb"
                       Case 4
                           pos = "Pronoun"
                       Case 5
                           pos = "Conjunction"
                       Case 6
                           pos = "Preposition"
                       Case 7
                           pos = "Interjection"
                       Case 8
                           pos = "Idiom"
                       Case 9
                           pos = "Other"
                       Case Else
                           pos = "Unknown"
                   End Select
               pos = "Unknown"
           End If






  1. #1 by Kelly on December 5, 2008 - 6:23 am

    hmmmm if you still need this let me know ok? I probably can get you a solution.

  2. #2 by Kelly on December 5, 2008 - 1:58 pm

    pm me please. Do you mean all related words to the word you are looking at? Or every single word in dictionary?

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