Windows Live Writer Automatic Tag Generation Plugin Update

Good Morning. If you are following what is happening for my current side project (building a plugin for Windows Live Writer that  automatically generates tags for posts based on the content of your post) here is the scoop. The API for Windows Live Writer does not expose the contents of your post to me unless you highlight the text prior to selecting the option to building the tags. So when when you are ready to generate your tags, you will click "Edit" then "Select All", then click "View" and then "Generate Tags". If you have no text highlighted I will send you a message box that will tell you to do so and try again. I will take the text you have highlighted, parse the HTML out, and show it in a textbox to you prior to tag generation. You will also have the opportunity to create lists of words that will automatically be included and words that will always be excluded. As I said yesterday, tags will be based on the the Microsoft Word thesaurus but there will be times when the the thesaurus will be wrong. You will be able to handle words that aren’t handled to your liking and occur often this way. I’ve also decided to include a way for you to backup your include and exclude lists in case this dll changes as they will stored in text files that will be embedded into the dll. After the tags are generated, you will also have the opportunity to go in and review, add, delete or modify tags to be included prior to insertion into your blog.

Well, make it a great day!



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  1. #1 by David on November 26, 2008 - 7:56 am

    Kelly – Thanks!I have a huge story that I will post on 1 December for which I will need tags. As you know, a good portion of the terminology used in my editorial content is "military centric" so it will be interesting to see what the MS Thesauraus you mentioned does with this peculiar vernacular.As always, a worthwhile prjoect, nice work and a great explanation.Happy TurkeyDavid 

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