10,000 Pageview Milestone Reached

Good evening everyone. Well we hit the 10,000 paegview mark since May 2008 on this little blog space of mine tonight. I realize many of you are well beyond that and get a lot more pageviews than I do. But for me, and my first attempt at blogging it is pretty good I think. And getting to know many of you has been a lot of fun and educational. And others of you I have helped.

Thought it would be fun to tell you some statistics.

The 10,000th pageview occurred from someone in Buenos Aires at IP address

He visited this blog entry which is the blog entry entitled "The Devil’s Gospel" posted earlier today. This person spent about 8 minutes on this blog entry.

The top blog entry visited is here which is entitled "Get Window Handles Associated With Process in vb.net".

98 percent of all visitors are referred by Google searches, usually .NET Framework related. 98 percent of all visitors are first time visitors. That means I haven’t developed a real loyal following but hey I don’t mind. Like I said this is my first time at this and to be honest its fun helping people.

These are the browser percentages of visitors:

41.20%    IE    7
31.00%    Firefox    3
12.60%    IE    6
4.60%    Firefox    2
2.80%    Chrome    0.3
2.60%    Chrome    0.4
1.40%    IE    8
1.40%    Rippers    0
1.00%    Opera    9.6
0.60%    Opera    9.5
0.40%    Firefox    1.5
0.20%    Safari    3.1
0.20%    IEMobile   

Percentages from various countries. I dropped everyone below 1 percent.

Pct    CTRY               
32.60%    United States               
10.00%    United Kingdom               
6.40%    India               
4.60%    Germany               
3.60%    Australia               
3.60%    Canada               
3.20%    Belgium               
2.60%    Italy               
1.80%    Thailand               
1.60%    Europe               
1.60%    China               
1.40%    Israel               
1.40%    Egypt               
1.40%    France               
1.20%    Japan               
1.00%    Greece               
1.00%    Taiwan               
1.00%    Philippines               
1.00%    Switzerland               
1.00%    Malaysia               
1.00%    Turkey               
1.00%    Norway               

Well that’s about it. Thanks so much for your support and putting up with my questions. Hope you made it a great day!


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  1. #1 by Jennifer on December 1, 2008 - 9:19 am

    Congratulations on your 10,000 hits!  You blog has proven to be very useful and interesting.  Keep the ideas and thoughts flowing and you\’ll reach 50,000 hits before you know it.  The statistics you\’ve gathered from your blog are intriquing too.  Have a great Monday!

  2. #2 by Marcus on December 1, 2008 - 4:08 pm

    Congrats on the 10,000 hit milestone!  What are you using to pull those extra stats on location and browser usage, btw?

  3. #3 by Kelly on December 1, 2008 - 4:16 pm

    Hey Marcus,
    Thanks for the congrats.
    To answer your question on the stats I put the counter code from http://my3.statcounter.com/ where I have an account on each of my blog entries. I make the picture width 0 so that it is not visible to everyone. I leave the counter visible only on the front page.

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