Technorati Stuff and a Searching My Blog Widget

Good Morning. Well the snow came but it wasn’t enough for us hardy folks in Waukesha County to call off school. So I am at work and my daughter went to school (unhappily) and it is a normal day.

I tried in vain this morning to find a way for people who visit my blog to be able to search the entries on this blog. It does not appear Live Space has such a gadget. Technorati has a widget but I think because it has javascript in it it won’t work here as a custom HTML module. So in the meantime a put up a module that will open a new page in the users browswer and take them to the Technorati search page that will search my blog. But even theirs is not perfect as it will only search recent entries – although on some searches it pulled up quite old ones. So not sure what is happening there.

I put a custom module on their too that will allow you to add my blog as a favorite for a visitor should they click on it. I don’t expect much traffic there but it might happen, you never know……

This is all on the front page if you have not seen it yet.

So I will keep hunting and see what I can find. I am kind of surprised this doesn’t already exist as a functional add on for one’s page.

Make it a great day!

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