Virtumonde (Vundo) Hell

What a weekend! On Friday, it was a snow day. We received 12 to 15 inches of snow. Fortuantely I had hired someone to plow our driveway as it was the thick heavy kind of snow that we all dread. Jean had gone to pick up the vehicle to replace the one I had in the accident. I will post a picture of the”new” vehicle once it is cleaned up. We also did the family Christmas that day and Alyssa was quite happy with her gifts. In a bit of irony, both Jean and I got each other the same gift, a coffee pot. We needed a new one but it was just funny.

On Saturday, Jean was unable to return from western Wisconsin because of road conditions. She was a bit stubborn in this regard but I did manage to convince her to stay in a hotel. Unfortunately our roads remained unable to be effectively traveled as we live in a subdivision and they don’t pay us much attention. Then to top it all off, my internet connection went down.

First, let me say what happens here is my fault. First, I went to a site I didn’t trust to watch a program. Second, my java runtime environment was out of date because the newer versions don’t support the version of Limewire I am running.

On Sunday, my internet came back and Jean got home safely. I have become a fan of the television series “House” and was looking on the internet to see the finale of Season 4 called “Wilson’s Heart”. Somehow I landed on a web site that drove my up to date Internet Explorer 7 crazy. All of a sudden popups appeared everywhere, and someone offering me the ability to clean my computer if I download their software. I knew enough to bail out of this, but much to my sadness obviously not fast enough. I ran my virus scan, and my Ad-Aware found the infection called Virtumonde or Vundo. It said it had removed it, but as is my custom I immediately ran it again. It was not gone. I went to Google to attempt to find a solution. Lavasoft (the maker of Ad-Aware) but they claimed my 2008 version should be capable of removing it. It was not obviously. After trying several different things, I found a reference on Google to remove this trojan and ran it overnight in safe mode. When I returned this morning it appeared my laptop had rebooted and was waiting for me to log in. I figured this was a good thing. I logged in and Windows would not boot. It just hung there. after playing the introduction sound. I said oh crap. So I tried to boot into safe mode again and again no joy. It would not boot into safe mode either. I tried “Last Known Good Configuration” and this one got me a little further but again nothing but a hang. I figure if I manage to get into safe mode tonight i will end up doing a restore to when this trojan was put on my system (the trojan was nice enough to wipe out all restore points prior to this of course). Then what I will do will be a mystery.

So if you are wondering why I have been so quiet, that laptop has basically been rendered useless to me and I am now on my work machine. Wish me luck on my endeavors tonight to fix this. It should be interesting and I need to get that machine up and running!

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  1. #1 by Jennifer on December 22, 2008 - 9:28 am

    Wow, that is certainly a lot to come back from. Hope your efforts are successful as that is the last thing someone wants to be forced to do is reinstall everything.

  2. #2 by John on December 22, 2008 - 9:36 am

    Good luck with your machine. Very odd we are not getting all of that snow here in Northeast Ohio. We have the winds and bitter cold but just enough snow to cover the grass.

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