Quick and Dirty TaskBar Notifier with vb.net

Good Morning all!

A sad note my cat Noodles could not pee and that area was bloody. I took him to the vet but they are concerned he is not going to get better. My wife and daughter are frantic as he is their favorite cat. He is mine too but I handle things differently I guess. They put a catheter in him and are hoping for the best.

In addition, I have a pretty complete cast written for my book. If any of you are interested in editing it I would be glad to hear from you.

I had to do this quickly so I could be notified on my desktop when a new record was inserted into my database. I am sure there are better examples out there but this took 5 minutes. Make it a great day!

Have a hidden form in your desktop application.
1) Use a timer control.
2) Get the row count from that table and save it in variable VAR.
3) Compare with the saved variable VAR.
4) Update this variable every time.

Private sub Timer()
  tempVAR = DataBase.Execute("Select Count(*) from ABC"
  If tempVAR <> VAR then
    Messagebox.Show("Your action to perform.")
    VAR = tempVAR
  End If
End Sub


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