Create Computer Account in Active Directory and add it to Domain with

Good Morning! Last night I watched a movie called “A Righteous Kill” with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. With actors like these I knew it was going to be a treat but they still exceeded my expectations. Without spoiling it for you, I will tell you that the ending is not what you will even remotely see coming.

So today’s topic is you want to add a computer account to Active Directory and add it to a domain with Adding it to the domain uses WMI and is a different code sample. I wrote this years ago when we had a bunch of people we were adding at once and didn’t want to do each one individually. Make it a great day!

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Adding to Active Directory:

Dim Entry As New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" & ActiveDirectoryTree.SelectedNode.Name, strDomain & "\" & strUser, strPass, AuthenticationTypes.Secure)
            Dim ComputerName As String = Nothing
            Dim CompSystem As String = Nothing
            Dim ComputerCount As Integer = ComputerList.Items.Count
            Dim i As Integer = 0
            For i = 0 To ComputerCount – 1
                CompSystem = ComputerList.Items(i).Text
                Dim ComputerEntry As DirectoryEntry = Entry.Children.Add("CN=" & CompSystem & "", "Computer")
                ComputerEntry.Properties("sAMAccountName").Value = "" & CompSystem & ""
                Dim exp As Integer = CInt(ComputerEntry.Properties("UserAccountControl").Value)
                ComputerEntry.Properties("UserAccountControl").Value = exp Or &H1
                Dim val As Integer = CInt(ComputerEntry.Properties("UserAccountControl").Value)
                ComputerEntry.Properties("UserAccountControl").Value = val And Not &H2
                ComputersCreated.Text = ComputersCreated.Text & CompSystem & vbCrLf
            ComputersCreated.Text = ComputersCreated.Text & "——————————" & vbCrLf


Add to Domain:

Dim args(4) As String
            Dim args2(2) As String
            Dim comp As ManagementObject
            Dim comps As ManagementObjectCollection
            Dim clsComps As New ManagementClass("Win32_ComputerSystem")

            comps = clsComps.GetInstances()

            For Each comp In comps
                ‘this is used to join the domain
               args(0) = "DOMAIN to join"
               args(1) = "Password"
               args(2) = "User with domain privs"
               args(3) = "Specify OU Here (ou=test,dc=domain,dc=com)"
               args(4) = "1"
                Dim retVal As UInt32

                retVal = comp.InvokeMethod("JoinDomainOrWorkgroup", args)

                retval2 = Convert.ToString(retVal)
                If retval2 = "0" Then
                MsgBox("Welcome to the domain")

End If

  1. #1 by Jennifer on March 3, 2009 - 9:08 am

    Agreed on the movie, I thought it was very well done.Keep up the good info on the coding, you never know when you\’ll need it.

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