Read A Binary File with

Good Morning! I did not sleep well last night. That happens to me often but it was particularly bad last night. And on top of that I have a long list of meetings I have to do today so I can’t be sleepy, disinterested or crabby or even appear to be those. So hoping this day is over quickly is my prayer!

Today’s topic is how to read a binary file with I was asked so I decided to make it a blog post. Make it a great day!

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Imports System.IO

Public Class IO_Library

  Public Shared Function ReadBinaryData(ByVal path As String) As Byte()

    ‘ Open the binary file.
    Dim streamBinary As New FileStream(path, FileMode.Open)

    ‘ Create a binary stream reader object.
    Dim readerInput As BinaryReader = New BinaryReader(streamBinary)

    ‘ Determine the number of bytes to read.
    Dim lengthFile As Integer = FileSize(path)

    ‘ Read the data in a byte array buffer.
    Dim inputData As Byte() = readerInput.ReadBytes(lengthFile)

    ‘ Close the file.

    Return inputData

  End Function ‘ReadBinaryData’

  Public Shared Function FileSize(ByVal path As String) As Integer

    Dim info As New FileInfo(path)

    Return info.Length

  End Function ‘FileSize’

End Class ‘IO_Library’

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