Northwind Database For DB2

Well if I thought Oracle was a mess getting the Northwind database to I hadn’t seen anything yet. I don’t care for the user tools at all in IBM Data Studio. The mapping to get SSIS to push a copy of my SQL based Northwind database was all over the map. If you don’t know, Northwind is the training tool of choice for many developers, businesses and consultants.

So again, I am doing you a solid. Linked here is the SSIS package you can pick up and use to transfer your SQL based version of Northwind to DB2. I also included the DB2 ddl for the database for your reference. I haven’t found an easy way to do it from the Access version. Sorry folks.

A couple things. You will need to create the database on your DB2 instance like below. use your standard command prompt with admin privileges.

create database NORTHWIN using codeset UTF-8 territory en

You may notice I left off the D. Yes I did. DB2 prefers its databases to be 8 characters or less. So that is why

Get the DTSX package here.

Once you have it open in Notepad and edit these lines with your information:

DTS:ConnectionString=”Data Source=DESKTOP-P1TI349;Initial Catalog=Northwind;Provider=SQLOLEDB;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=false;” />

DTS:ConnectionString=”Data Source=NORTHWIN;User ID=db2admin;Provider=IBMOLEDB.DB2COPY1;Persist Security Info=True;Location=DESKTOP-P1TI349:50000;Extended Properties="";”>

Find/Replace DB2COPY1 with the name of your instance.

Save the file and open in SSIS.

And then you should be good to go…. if you have changes in your SQL Northwind database that aren’t reflected here (it will prompt you) you will need to use SSIS to transfer the data. Be sure for your destination you choose the instance name of your DB2 instance. (Mine was DB2COPY1).

That’s about it. Have a good day….

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