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Zune Reboot Troubles – What I Have Discovered

This is in reference to yesterday’s post concerning my Zune reboot issues (!A0D71E1614E8DBF8!324.entry ). It seems the only time it reboots without warning is if the Zune is running solely on the battery with the headphones connected. If I run it while connected to my PC or to my car player (has a cigarette lighter that powers it) this problem does not occur even if the headphones are attached. If I run it without the battery with no headphones (for testing purposes) it occasionally reboots without warning. MY biggest concern is I want this thing to work when I start my workout routine as if I don’t have music I know I will be bored.

I am suppose to be sending it in to the service center and they will send me a replacement. I shudder how thatprocess is going to go.

Anyway if anyone has any input on this I would be interested. John Kavanagh ( was kind enough to correspond with me and let me know this appears to have been an issue that has affected Zune issues, but ipod users as well for some time. I guess I was just lucky enough to avoid this problem for the year since I bought it.