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Brett Favre: How to destroy a legacy in 30 Days

Yes I know off my usual topic. I have avoided mentioning this for some time now. Living and having been raised mostly in Wisconsin it is hard not to become a fan of the Green Bay Packers. My earliest memories of watching the Packers play was in 1976. In 1977 a new quarterback had arrived named David Whitehurst and we all thought happy days were here again and the losing was behind us after the 1978 season. Yet it was not to be. 1983 offered another mirage of hope that was quickly dashed followed by the Majik Man campaigns in 1989. Yet the losing continued. This once proud franchise couldn’t seem to do anything right.

In 1991, Ron Wolf arrived and that all changed. Green Bay fans, so hungry for a winner after 2 decades of losing, embraced him enthusiastically. He brought in a quarterback named Brett Favre. I admit I lived and died with this guy on each throw.

To be honest, I never bought the "awe shucks good old boy" routine. One obvious example was in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. It was clear he was coached to take off his helmet and run with it so the cameras could see his face. It was a way to pick up endorsements. To be honest, though I found it annoying and yeah the guy always came across as an egomaniac I set that aside because….hey we had just won a super bowl! So those concerns were set aside. The following year the league imposed the rule that says you cannot take off your helmet on the playing surface.

The retirement talk started 4 years ago. What you have to understand is this was a button Brett knew he could push with the Green Bay fans. Fans remember pre 1992 losing ways and in no way want to go back to that. So this drama only intensified the relationship between Favre and the fans. Truth is, he played us like a fiddle and while this summer has gone by, the Packers as an organization were burning.

Favre seemed to want Ted Thompson to feel the need to kiss his ass and jump at the chance to be told what to do by him. Ted Thompson did an outstanding job rebuilding this team. But because that never happened, we are in the position we are in today.

Talk to fans these days, talks of a 32 million dollar personal services contract after retirement (a shameless bribe attempt by the Packers – the single mistake they made in all of this. Do they not think we have brains??) , talk of Brett in a Vikings uniform because Brett wants to play against the Packers, the tearful press conference, and then change of mind(I think Brett did it soley to spite Thompson – you won’t kiss my ass I am gonna make your life difficult) and when it is all said and done we look at Brett differently today. Sure, if we go and win the Super Bowl with him under center we will all cheer. But no one will cry when he leaves next time. We’ve have all had our fill of being played and used as a pawn by Brett. And that my friends, is so far away from where we were 30 days ago even it is just unbelievable. He destroyed his legacy over the course of the last few months. And in the last 30 days he really showed his true colors.

Anyway, make it a great day! And Go Pack!