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Outlook Data File Crash

This morning I turned on my computer and opened Outlook 2007 and it reported that my data file for Outlook was damaged. It told me to run scanpst.exe to fix the file. So I did. Well now none of my emails are present. When I click Menu and Folder and try to go to a folder that used to exist there it reports it can’t find the file. This is not good.
Maybe I will try a system restore and see if that fixes it. If I lose everything I am going to use gmail exclusively. This is crap.
On another note got the majority of my stuff from the old house in Sheboygan moved to my new house in Hartland thanks to the help of my bandmates in Jericho. Feels good to actually live in a house with furniture!

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KJM Solutions Web Site Going Down

Well those of you that watched the progress of my site I have sad news. It is going bye bye for the next while. During the process of the move, it was decided to discontinue what I had, let go of my current customers and basically wipe it out. At some point down the road it will be back (probably on a shared server somewhere) but it just is too much work right now to switch over to the new ISP, deal with their new rules and such.
Included in this will be the SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Servers as well as the FTP Server. Friends of mine who have been using it, most of you have been told but some I can’t find for one reason or another. Oh well.

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