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How to make Linq and IList sort Dynamically using C#

I apologize that it has been a while. I have been extremely busy and in the time that I have been away I went through treatment for a medical issue. Needless to say I had other issues to deal with other than this blog. But I will try to publish more frequently. Today‚Äôs topic was a question from another developer which was to have have a Linq and IList sort dynamically. So long as you don’t force execution by using ToList, you can keep tacking on to your query until you are ready to actually run it. This is because much of LINQ uses “deferred execution”. For example, you could do something similar to:

var query = apps.AsQueryable()
(Application => new
ID = Application.ApplicationId,
Force = Application.Force.Description,
Function = Application.BusinessFunction.Description,
Category = Application.Category.Description,
SubCategory = Application.SubCategory.Description,
Name = Application.ApplicationName,
Description = Application.ApplicationDescription

switch (sortType)
case “ID”:
query = query.Orderby(Application => Application.ApplicationId);
case “Force”:
query = query.Orderby(Application => Application.Force);

IList tempList = query.ToList();

As always it has been great getting your all feedback while I was gone. Thank You! Smile

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